The story of Hans Aling from Cijfermeester

In 2006, the adventure of Cijfermeester began, a franchise organization to facilitate administrative offices in training, knowledge sharing, continuity and purchasing advantages. In 2021 the organization was sold to the Tilburg Investment Company (TIM). Cijfermeester was founded by four enthusiastic gentlemen. We spoke to Hans Aling, former DGA of Cijfermeester, about the sales process supervised by Florijnz.

How did Cijfermeester get started?

Cijfermeester became active as a franchise giver in 2006. The idea came from a former franchisee, former owner of a RAAD administration office. The franchisor was founded with the idea of supporting administrative offices in various aspects: training, knowledge sharing, continuity (so being able to replace each other if necessary) and for joint purchasing of supplies such as software licenses. Then in 2009 there were a few changes. The number of shareholders grew from 2 to 4 and the concept was adjusted. There was more focus on branding and marketing. These new impulses have ensured that the Cijfermeester franchise formula has grown to 70 offices by 2020. Today it is a progressive office that fully facilitates administrative offices on all peripheral matters, including knowledge and training.

Why did the sale of Cijfermeester come up?

In early 2020, it was time for the next step. The biggest trigger was that three of the four shareholders were reaching retirement age. This made it clear that it was time for a rejuvenation/renewal of the management team. Via Koelewijn and Partners - a consultancy for franchisors - we were then brought into contact with Florijnz. After an introduction we noticed that we had a good personal click with the advisors of Florijnz. Then we decided to start the sales process under the guidance of Florijnz.

"In particular, we benefited greatly from Florijnz's network, which ensured that the right parties were approached."

Hans Aling - Cijfermeester

How did the sales process go?

It has been a special journey, also because we had to deal with corona when we had just started. We have experienced the project as positive. In particular, we have benefited greatly from the network of Florijnz, through which the right parties were approached. In addition, they have added much value in drafting a suitable information memorandum and other necessary documents, such as an LOI. In addition, we ourselves could also make many contributions, because we ourselves have the necessary financial knowledge. This made it a real collaboration. Ultimately, this collaboration resulted in an acquisition in the autumn of 2021, which all parties felt was a good deal.

Why was working with Florijnz so enjoyable?

Florijnz is clearly an expert in the field of mergers and acquisitions. I would therefore really recommend Florijnz to others. Not only because they have a lot of knowledge in house, but also because of their enormous network within the mergers and acquisitions world. This eventually led to us being in the picture with the right parties. This saves a lot of time and research. It was also very nice that Florijnz goes for the long term vision. In advance we had already expressed the wish that the continuity of the company in the long term is very important to us, but it was really taken into account during the process. We therefore look back on a successful project under the guidance of committed advisors.

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